Rascal Angel By Jean-Michel Lengrand

Rascal Angel By Jean-Michel Lengrand

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• Artist: Jean-Michel Lengrand
• Title: Rascal Angel
• Medium: Original Oil on Panel Board
• Dimensions: Approx. 9.8W x 9.8H (Inches)
• Notes:  This is an original item (Original Oil On Panel Board) and has been certified authentic. A one of a kind! Custom framing available.


In Dutch there is an expression “Angel Bengel”. "Rascal Angel" is the English translation and "Ange Fripon" is the French.

It is the combination of transcendence and eroticism, vice and virtue.

It is also the moment to combine styles. At a certain opportunity, realism finds its limits and can surpass itself in surrealism.

The work is structured by a network of lines named “the secret geometry” of the painting, itself generated by traditional layouts.

In the overtaking of realism by a combination with the abstract, geometry emerges as anteriority. Going before in time and sequence.

At a certain point of experience, we must relearn how to play like children.