Pulsions By Jean-Michel Lengrand

Pulsions By Jean-Michel Lengrand

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• Artist: Jean-Michel Lengrand
• Title: Pulsions
• Medium: Original Oil on Panel Board
• Dimensions: Approx. 25.5W x 21.75H (Inches)
• Notes:  This is an original item (Original Oil On Panel Board) and has been certified authentic. A one of a kind! Custom framing available.


It is the conjunction between the seated dancer watching the butterfly and the chameleon pretending to sleep, which in a split second catches the butterfly.

It is the conjunction where Fate has swapped a chisel for a brush, drawing from her brush the horizon line on which travels the electronic beep of life.

The scene takes place under the eye of the monkey that accompanies Fate.

The theme of conjunction of the conscious and unconscious mind was evoked by the psychologist Jung, noting the conjunction between a patient's dream about a cockchafer beetle and that a cockchafer beetle hit the window of his office during a session prior to the patients dream.

He wrote a book Mysterium Coniunctionis, subtitled An Inquiry into the Separation and Synthesis of Psychic Opposites in Alchemy on this subject.

It is the conjunction of the visible and the unforeseen.

It's like the flight of the Confucius butterfly triggering a storm at the other end of the world with the beating of its wings.