Leda's Dream By Jean-Michel Lengrand

Leda's Dream By Jean-Michel Lengrand

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• Artist: Jean-Michel Lengrand
• Title: Leda's Dream
• Medium: Original Oil on Panel Board
• Dimensions: Approx. 9.5W x 13H (Inches)
• Notes:  This is an original item (Original Oil On Panel Board) and has been certified authentic. A one of a kind! Custom framing available.


This is a work that I realized back in my youth in 1978. The painting was sold at that time and then came back to me after nearly forty years as an inheritance. The model is my wife Dominique.

This is the theme of Leda visited by Zeus in the guise of a swan. It is a subject that has been presented by Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Here the embrace is just suggested, only the feathers of the bird appear, and the scene is presented as a dream.

The basin from which the statue of Venus emerges in the background recalls the amorous context of the scene.